Every body need somebody

I always felt that if I was vulnerable or ask for anyone help they would take advantage of my vulnerability because that has always been my experience.
I lost my business I was devastated but I chose to focus on reaching my destiny through my music. Then I had to face Labels that recognize my talent but give me ultimatums to have sex with someone or no deal! I am so tired of dealing with sexual abuse. I thought it would be over once I reached adulthood but not so. I guess that is why it angers me to see artist like Beyonce sleep their way to the top. It makes young woman think that is acceptable way of reaching their goals.
I won’t give up trying to fight that idealism! I sincerely believe INTEGRITY SALES. I need someone that will invest in me simply because my music and business ideas are worth the investment.
I said all that to say this…
“I wish I had someone to help me”
From the Heart of KanD

Tina Turner Says Former Ikette Robbie Montgomery Helped Her Through Dark Days (VIDEO) http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/4144963


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