I’m The Coldest One

“I’m the Coldest One” #QuotesByKanD The Oprah of Music
I’m the Coldest One are a phrase from the lyrics of a song written by KanD, titled “Provocative Praise”
From her Gospel Album Titled “Provocative Praise”
Many people assume the phrase to be one of an arrogant self perception.
Bey once has even misconceived this saying and taken on the arrogant sasha fierce alter ego.

Statement by KanD concerning this imitation of representation:
When people’s hearts are wicked they will try to imitate pure things but the results are evident of the fruit.
When I say, “I’m the Coldest One” I am not saying I am better than anyone else.
I am certainly not showing disrespect to others who’s crafts are as profound as mines.

What I am saying is… I am a worshipper…The word worship means to build up or edify.
What is am saying is I understand that I was born to build people up whether it be through music or by example of my character. So, in essence “I’m the Coldest One” means I give it my all to live out my purpose and the evidence of that is shown in the fact that I am the best at what I do. Fact.
The fruits of tree is determined by it’s seed.
I was created to worship and because I was born to do it, perfecting it comes with ease.

I always encourage people to follow the path of least resistance…It’s usually the path that leads to your destiny and it’s so much easier to excel at it because it’s what you were created to do.
Bey once is good at deceiving people because that is what she was created to do. Evil has a purpose in this world just as much as good. If we didn’t have evil we would not have balance. If we didn’t have good we could not distinguish the difference between good and evil or understand why both are necessary.
Bey once is an Awesome example of what not to be. Everything has a purpose.

Be what you were created to be…and you’ll be the Coldest One Too
You’ll be the Coldest One at what you were created for.
Real talk from the Only KanD with a Capital D.




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