Love Yourself

I come across so many people that have self esteem issues. It’s evident in their conversation because they tend to have something bad to say about the people that are confident.

PSA: Putting others down and pointing out their faults won’t build you up. It does the exact opposite. It shows lack of character in you.

SUGGESTION: Begin today searching yourself. If you have to, write down all the good things that you know about yourself. If this list is short or you have a hard time thinking of good qualities…Most likely you have low self esteem. No worries, start working on building esteem of yourself by resolving to first love yourself as you are. Then you can begin working on adding good qualities to your list.

Think about the people you do like.
Ask them how they got that way.
Most importantly, surround yourself with positive people. I know it’s difficult for some people but it is doable.
Remember, There is no where in the world that you can go without yourself. If you are loving it makes it much easier to be lovable.

Love You First and Always!
From my heart to yours
With Love on Top

KanD Johnson


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