Attitude of Gratitude by KanD Johnson


My attitude of gratitude. “Thanks with love on Top!”

Wow! What a beautiful smile, I can accept that I’m not too smart

Made up for that with the Ds’ you stacked on a body that is mighty hot

Beginning with my day of birth…You created a work of art!


So kind of you to endowed me with an array of talents

 Soo many, I have plenty to share

What a gift that keeps on giving

Understanding so grand it won’t stop forgiving

Insulated with Astonishing love and care.

In all the hardship that I went through

 Never alone, you were always right there!


From start to finish you were ready to replenish

Perseverance, persisting, and tenacity 

Humility, honor, respect and integrity

Whatever I needed sometimes the down audacity

Strength to stand and refuse to give up!

Where in the hell did this all come from?

Can’t look down, Cause you keep my head up!


Thanks again, for being more than a friend

1500 miles we traveled to this state

 What else was I to do?

Things just hadn’t been that great

I had plenty of problems but no delusion.

No family, no friends, no home or financial wealth.

No problem for you. You had a Homeless Solution

And an Association of Mental Health

Bundles of gratitude to you all

I could not have done it by myself!

Quote by KanD “If giving thanks doesn’t cost you anything… Why not stock up on Gratitude?”

Thanks, Appreciation, and Gratefulness are the paths that lead to Greatness!

Original Written By KanD Johnson 03-16-2014


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