Are you tired of giving to a cause where there seems to be no benefit?

There are alot of organizations that CLAIM to assist those that are unfortunate in one area or another…

BUT DO THEY REALLY? Unfortunately many of them don’t and those that do…take care to do the bare minimum to qualify as a nonprofit under federal regulations.
Do you Really Want to Make a difference?

I don’t know you personally but I will tell you a little about me…I AM A DOER

People place stigmas on my ability to do something productive in our society due to my illness. I am determined to succeed and leave a legacy for my kids which also have my illness.

I have an illness but I was also blessed with talent, I am a singer and songwriter and I have a heart to help others…

With those two positive attributes I plan to show the world that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself

I started a NONPROFIT Record Label,  Real Raw Records Inc while living in a homeless shelter…that within itself was a great accomplishment. I refused, to limit my success to just my music career, We create Music from the Soul…For the soul..and we will succeed at or goals to help other artists dreams a reality!

If you would like to assist us in our efforts you can do so via our website by purchasing music, sponsorship, or donations.

Real Raw Records Logo Intro Full
Thanks with love on top KanD, The Oprah of Music

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