KanD’s Appeal to Legendary Tina Turner

To: Legendary Tina TurnerPlease contact me 832-576-5877

My name is KanD Johnson I was born in Houston, Texas. I currently reside in Morristown, NJ. I was born with mental challenges but I was persistent in overcoming the stigma. I have owned and operated a successful resale business for 7 years.

I am currently a Singer, Creative Songwriter, Thrilling Performer, and Entreprenuer. Studies have proven that Music is therapeutic and it is a healthy alternative to medication. Our society has been plagued by drug abuse and suicidal tendencies. I create music from the soul, for the soul. I sincerely believe that “Music is Majic!”

I write and sing all genres of music. I have written over 150 songs including jingles and theme songs for advertising. I have recorded 2 albums and I am currently recording a new Album titled “Legendary”.
Fans and Listeners are wowed by my boisterous Tina Turner like vocals. I have acquired the title The Oprah of Music because people take notice of my business savvy, Trend Setting, leadership ability. I am humble yet confident, tenacious, and reliable. , “I Rock The House Any Kind of Way You Want It!”

Many of the venues where I have performed started out 25 to 50 percent occupied, but when I’m done performing or with consistent performances, I manage to pack the house out from wall to wall. Constituents have used media devices to include others in on the experience. On the other hand, I have literally experienced people eagerly urging friends to stop whatever they were doing to come to where I was.
Their words were “COME YOU NEED TO SEE THIS”
My motto as a singer and songwriter is: “If it ain’t got funk it don’t fit and if you ain’t gonna do it right then you need to quit! I also made a vow to my fans and listener to give it all I got! Every time I open my mouth to sing I am obligated to release a vocal thrill and “That’s a Done Deal!”

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