Music is Majic!

There are many artist trying to make it in the music industry . Most of them won’t ever be known or recognized for their talent .
Many of them haven’t got a clue what the requirements are to be known. They have a false idealism of what will get the attention they need.
Women tend to use sex. The men tend to use the knowledge of their craft. The failing industry uses statistics.
Depending up what your idea of success is will determine if you agree with the following statements. There are people that made it big as far as fame and money are concerned. There are artist that live a lavish but miserable existence. There are artist that made it big and realized the good life was what they had already.
Some are Legendary but their lives were short lived, and miserable. Some live long but hard.

My focus as an artist is just to BE DIFFERENT. I like to direct the attention on simplicity.

Having the best quality product… To me means utilizing the Natural Talent that I was born with.

This picture displays the strategy that I use the most. There are many trees in the picture and most of them are large. Some of them are so big they couldn’t fit in the frame. Some of the trees are baren but they are still standing. The trees in back are tall and full of leaves but their colors are not pleasant to the eye. The one three that stood out the most amongst the landscape in my view is the small brightly colored and full tree, in the center.

The point of this article is to magnify the mastery of simplicity!
Music is Majic!
Go with the flow!

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