Many women, Like Tina, have Ikes

I have been in an abusive relationship but I don’t share the same experiences that Tina Turner had with Ike because I always worked hard to have my own money to support myself and my kids and I have always been a fighter! However Life has been extremely hard for me. I have been sexually abused by male and female. My family has verbally abused me from the beginning and still today. I have been told I was evil, I’m going to hell and won’t amount to anything amongst other viscous mentally abusive statements. Even after I started my own business from a Homeless state and built it and maintained it for 7 years without any help or support from my family. I still wasn’t acknowledged as anybody.
My daughter Precious reunited with me. I taught her the business and she was a big help! It was encouraging to have her back in my life after 10 years of separation. My kids were taken from me at the ages of 11 & 9 due to a simple hate call to Child Protective Services.

I guess you could say life has been my Ike, Life has beat the hell out of me!
I never had a friend I could call for help but my sister Becky was there for me we were very close, born only 11 months apart we were like twins seemedly inseparable. However the more successful I became the more jealousy intensified. We speak but no one in my family really supports me. I am assuming they want to be right that I won’t ever be nothing. I have always been a hard worker and very independent so it makes it hard for me to say “I need you”
I always felt that if I was vulnerable or ask for anybody’s help they would take advantage of my vulnerability because that has always been my experience.

I lost my business I was devastated but I chose to focus on reaching my destiny through my music. Then I had to face Labels that recognized my talent but give me ultimatums to have sex with someone or no deal!
I am so tired of dealing with sexual abuse. I thought it would be over once I reached adulthood but not so.
I guess that is why it angers me to see artist like Beyonce sleep their way to the top. It makes young woman think that is an acceptable way of reaching their goals.
I won’t give up trying to fight that idealism!
I sincerely believe INTEGRITY SALES.
I need someone that will invest in me simply because my music and business ideas are worth the investment.
I said all that to say this…
“I wish I had someone to help me”
From the Heart of KanD

Tina Turner Says Former Ikette Robbie Montgomery Helped Her Through Dark Days (VIDEO)
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