#KanD Challenges Beyonce Knowles

KanD Vs Beyonce
I KanD Johnson, challenged Beyonce Knowles to a singing dual. I went on her Facebook page and challenged her…Of course she wouldn’t face me because she can’t sing!!! My point wasn’t to embarrass her. My intentions were to expose the fact that the music industry has been brought down to ass shake and vocal faking Mariah Carey lip singing. It is sickening to see and hear the music and so called artist these days! I don’t blame Beyonce for not accepting the challenge If I was getting the amount of money for singing that she gets I wouldn’t want an amateur to show me up in public either lol.
KanD Rock the House!

Rhythm Real High

#NEW Music By KanD
#New Rock Sensation Music Going Viral
#Big Competition for #Beyonce Knowles

#Music by KanD, Rock, Mark Cuban, Reverbnation, Music, Indie Charts

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