Real Talk by KanD

I Really Dig Jay Z as an artist I believe he really deserves every dollar he makes on the other hand I don’t dislike Beyonce cause I don’t know her personally but I hate what she represent as an artist…To me she represent what I am totally against…Woman that sleep their way to the top while the woman with talent are over looked or treated as second best…Beyonce is beautiful but exploiting beauty is for models not singers!!! This makes women that are not as good looking feel their talent is worthless and will never be recognized! To the left…To the left with that mentally! I have been offered deals in exchange for my body…I strongly declined!!! I was told I will never make it in the industry if I don’t compromise.. I told them I don’t care I WILL NOT sell my dignity for a dollar or for fame…I represent a Legacy of Real Divas…
I was angered by their arrogance…I wrote a song titled
Music is Majic the lyrics in the song says
“I ain’t got to sell sex cause I got Skills” I want to encourage woman that are out there on their grind Missy Elliott is an awesome example of a real artist, that made it without sleeping her way to the top…We can do it too punchanella punchanella… Lol but
Real Talk QUEEN KanD said that!

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