KanD backs Beyonce in a Corner

KanD, The Oprah of Music Challenges Beyonce to a Vocal Dual
“Beyonce recently created a Facebook page… so I, KanD, a Real singer / songwriter went to her page and presented a vocal challenge to her KanD Vs Beyonce
The challenge was one vocalist to another…We would both sing songs unrehearsed, no music to cover up our flaws, no fancy equipment or mics to help Beyonce hide her off key singing and inability to hold a note… OMG!!! Not only did she not answer to the challenge she quickly removed the post from her page in fear that her lack of talent would be exposed! Smh so sad, how hilariously sad rflmao

I don’t blame her If a was the highest paid singer and didn’t deserve it, I wouldn’t want a unknown artist to show me up publicly either lol
KanD Rocks!!!

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