Beyonce Stole my Trademark

Beyonce not only is a off key singing, no note holding fake ass, commercialized want to be singer but she is not a songwriter Using other people words and putting your name on it doesn’t qualify you a songwriter. I created the trademark Thanks with ‘Love on top’ For many years… I have proof…It’s in my video Thank you Lord…It on my email signatures, it’s on my music page, It’s on my Facebook and many times when people friend me on Facebook I send them an inbox message or write on their wall…Thanks with ‘Love on Top’ It’s a KanD Trademark I oughta sue. She out of line! But I ain’t gonna sue her I’mma write a song about her bullshit and make a hit! Music is Majic You know KanD keep a party rockin but haters be jockin tryna steal my flow but Imma back it up until it’s time for me to G.O. Rflmao

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